Best Place To Buy Rewind In Honor Of National Moon Day, Here Are Six Lunar-Themed Stories Replica At Lowest Price

omega speedmaster moon watch

It seems like there is something new to celebrate every day these days. There’s National Pizza Day (my personal favorite), National Ice Cream Day, and National Emoji Day (yep). But today we are celebrating National Moon Day, and with good reason: today is the anniversary of the first landing on the moon, by Apollo 11, 48 years ago. And while most people might not make the connection between watches and moons, we certainly do. So in honor of the moon (and moonphase) we have rounded up five of our favorite lunar-related articles. 

Reference Points: Understanding The Omega Speedmaster (Video)

omega speedmaster moon watch

The Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch.

Probably the most obvious choice here is the Omega Speedmaster. It wasn’t the first watch to go into space but it’s the most famous, thanks to its acceptance by NASA as standard gear for manned space flight. Made in innumerable variations since 1957 (and that’s just the basic Moonwatch) the Omega Speedmaster runs deep. So deep, in fact, that Ben did a major Reference Points story to help us all out with the complexities of the original Moonwatches. You can read more about it here.

A Week On The Wrist: The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

national moon day

The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

Yes, it’s another Speedmaster, but this one is the Dark Side Of The Moon, which was quite controversial when it came out. (Interestingly, the Moon doesn’t actually have a “dark side,” it does have a far side that’s never visible, as the same side always faces the Earth.) Featuring an all-black ceramic case, this watch really sent ripples through the purist circles (just see Ben’s thoughts here). With its high tech case, and co-axial escapement-equipped caliber 9300, it’s definitely not a Moonwatch but despite its divisiveness we loved it anyway, and did a full Week On The Wrist with it. 

Way back when in 2014 (yes, that was three years ago) A. Lange & Söhne released the Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar Terraluna, which was hands-down one of the most impressive watches that we saw that year. This 45.5mm bad boy has a regulator-style dial, a perpetual calendar, a 14-day power reserve, and a constant force escapement. But what about the moon-phase, you ask? Well, flip the A Lange Sohne Replica Watches Paypal Replica over and you have a graphic orbital moonphase complication on the plate of the movement. Pretty awesome lunar stuff if you ask me. You can read about it here.

Let’s stick with the dial side and start with its most immediately apparent feat: its proudly displayed tourbillon bridge and meeting. The bridge itself features a curve on each end that is observable from the smallest of viewing angles. Take a closer look and you’ll see what appears to be among the most difficult anglages ever: in the shape of a “V” the edges are bevelled and polished by hand. The two prongs result in a gold chaton with a diamond endstone inside — a long-forgotten element reserved for only the best pocket sequences of old.The tourbillon’s cage itself comprises remarkably romantic curves and eye-wateringly mirror polished top surfaces. The second image above shows how that mirror finish works: it’s either silky-shiny whitened, or pitch black. Since the tourbillon sits so deep beneath the dial, light finds funny ways to create it to only some bits and pieces of the tourbillon assembly — another, but fantastic light show on display.Lange state the tourbillon “overcomes the pull of gravity” and I’m sorry, but I can not help but cringe every time I hear or read that. Jedi and astronauts onboard the ISS may defeat the pull of gravity, but not many others — and a tourbillon certainly can not. It isn’t 2002 anymore, once the tourbillon is a mystical thing that is not possible to explain. I might be nitpicking here, sure, but what is it if not focus and understanding of these details that we expect from the big guns such as Lange? The tourbillon, fully exposed to the pull of gravity, over time averages out the speed mistakes of the watch’s timekeeping manhood, something mainly and completely unnecessary at a wristwatch, unless we are speaking multi-axis tourbillons.The dial side has many other treats for the onlooker, namely those linked to the perpetual calendar and also the rattrapante chronograph. The former consists of 206 components, nearly a third of the 684 total component count of the L133.1 caliber. Lange’s moon phase is “true to 122.6 decades” — mind you, which “accuracy” means that it requires that much time for the moon phase display to be off with a comprehensive day. This sort of random way is the way the accuracy of moon phase exhibits in watches is generally ascertained, not that anyone really cares about real practicality beyond its aesthetic and engineering component.
Astronaut Dave Scott’s Steel Bulova Chronograph, Worn On The Moon, Sells For $1.3 Million

dave scott watch

Dave Scott wearing his stainless steel Bulova chronograph. 

Back in 2015, a Bulova watch owned by a gentleman named Dave Scott’s came up for auction. Who is Dave Scott and why should you care? Scott was an astronaut that flew on the Gemini 8, Apollo 9, and Apollo 15 missions, and this Bulova steel chronograph was the last privately held watch known to have been worn on the lunar surface. It ended up selling for a whopping $1,625,000 and we are still wondering to whom it was sold (it got so much attention that Bulova even did a re-issue, with a high frequency quartz movement). You can read the full story here.

Introducing The Rolex Cellini Moonphase

rolex cellini moon phase

Rolex Cellini Moon-Phase.

And finally, the Rolex Cellini Moon Phase.This A Lange Sohne Cheapest Watch Replica was not so secretly one of my favorite releases this year at Baselworld, not only because I love a good moon-phase, but because it was the first moon-phase watch released by Rolex since the ref. 6062 and the ref. 8171 (both triple calendar moonphase watches) in the 1950s. You can read all about this new release here.  

The Supermoon: What It Is, Why It Is (And Maybe A New Complication, Why Not?)


Though you might not notice it (especially if you live in an urban area) the Moon can vary quite a bit in terms of apparent size and brightness, and under certain circumstances you can have what’s called a “Supermoon” – at such times, the Moon can seem up to 30% larger and brighter than normal. Find out all about it (and learn what a “perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system” really is) right here.