Replica For Sale Up Close With The Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1R Rose Gold On Bracelet (With Original Photos & Price)

Indoors we have the amazing and in-house self-winding Patek grade 324 S C observable through the situation back. Obviously we are likely to see Patek’s Gyromax balance and completing to Patek’s own in-house standards. The energy book of the caliber is at 45 hours.The real charm of the Nautilus (or the Royal Oak, for its thing) is the totally incredible, epic ending on the case and bracelet. I really feel that a Royal Oak or Nautilus is one of the greatest watches to teach a young watch enthusiast about case completing because you are able to see so many distinct sorts of casework in 1 spot, all in a well known and easy to wear bundle. Have a look at the mirror polishing on the bezel and case edges, as you have amazing cleaning on the flat surfaces.The dial of the 5711/1R is a gorgeous chocolate brown, which is seemingly all the rage with rose-gold watches. While hardly original, I can’t hate on the choice whatsoever — it looks excellent. Also, if you look closely, you can see this is not a basic brown dial — it is actually gradiated between light and dark brown. The 5711 is a 40 millimeter case that’s waterproof to quite a respectable 120 meters.The new Nautilus in rose gold comes in at $51,000 and it began to strike authorized dealers last month in limited quantities. If you’d like this piece, I advice that you get in touch with your AD soon because with new Pateks, they will be hard to monitor for the foreseeable future. More on it here.Earlier this week we showed you the first details of the brand-new Patek Philippe 5990A, that’s the newest Nautilus chronograph with traveling time functionality. Now we are back to reveal the photos from when we went hands-on with this exceptionally practical and exceptionally slick contemporary Nautilus. Here are your live details and pictures.
In a universe in which large steel sports watches have become commonplace, it’s difficult to understand just how groundbreaking the iconic Nautilus 3700/1 was as it started in 1976Forty — not old, but not exactly young, possibly. The Patek Philippe Nautilus Buy Replica was created in 1976 and helped to re-energise the world of high-end Swiss watches, which had been in the middle of ‘the quartz crisis’ in the moment. Since the watch industry reeled from the arrival of the cordless watch as well as its own far-reaching effects, Patek Philippe boldly published a watch designed by Gérald Genta.Now considered iconic and an essential part of Patek Philippe’s identity, in the time it was a huge risk for the company to generate a wristwatch so different from anything that it had done before. An oversized and expensive steel mechanical automatic in a world where ultra-thin gold-bracelet quartz watches were the envy of the disco generation, the Nautilus made an announcement that has been discovered around the world.That announcement continues to resonate today, since the Nautilus evolves in new and surprising ways. However, for all of the twists and turns over the duration of its 40-year background, the Nautilus has stayed true to its DNA.
The moon phase indicator is a popular complication that has a rotating disc which indicates the place of the moon that is visible in the world, essential for organizing your next full-moon celebration. And if that was not useful enough, there is a also a 24-hour indicator on the outside of the Moonphase register, which above tells us it is not 10pm, but rather 10am- again, essential after the disorientating full moon-party. Many watches provide similar complications, but few do this as as Patek has done here.The Nautilus chronograph was introduced in 2006 in both gold and steel versions- in 2014, only the golden or steel-gold versions remain in the scope. This time with a black-brown dial, the flyback chronograph is dominated by one counter at 6 o’clock that displays both a 60-minute counter top (red hand) plus a 12-hour counter top (white hand). The rose gold case works beautifully with the chocolate backsplash shown above.The Nautilus chronograph array was upgraded in 2012 with a new design for the chronograph register- essentially replacing the white outer-ring and red markings with plain white items.And last year also saw a fresh “bi-metal” Nautilus join the variety, the 5980/1AR that combines stainless steel and rose gold. What we love about this version is the beautiful deep blue dialup, which looks incredible set contrary to the Rose Gold bezel.This colour of blue is exceptional about to this model and is a much bolder blue than can be seen on other ‘blue’ models.And for people who enjoy strong gold, but prefer the appearance of the new chronograph register, Patek Philippe has this version- the 5980/1R. This time featuring a black dial, even though it can seem to have some colors of Green, as you can see below.
The movement:The caliber 324 is a powerhouse movement. Determined through the sapphire crystal case back, you may see the 22K rotor and the beautifully finished main bridges and plate. The motion is super lean. 1 notable oddity is the rotor is seated on ceramic ball bearings, which you can occasionally hear working in concert with all the rotor to make a pleasant whirling noise.Wearability/Durability:The piece sits well on the wrist, is not incredibly flashy, and ticks each of the wearability boxes. As for durability, the steel Patek used in this watch is hardened and has been a dream to wear. It’s great as an everyday-wear watch, and following a quick soap and water cleanup it appears that new.I believe this piece to become among the hallmarks of my collection. I am a fairly active collector so I’m constantly shifting pieces in and out. However, it might take quite a little to make me part with all the 5711. The watch has shown its versatility, and it has become both a staple along with a celebrity of my collection. Both received mixed responses from collectors, ranging from “dreadful anniversary blurb on the dial”, to “too big case for a Patek”. We investigated some of those reactions in our post (click here). We could just conclude then by saying that it was horses for lessons. We had to find the watches for ourselves and invest some time analyzing, photographing and enjoying to have an educated impression. Here is our analysis and report of that session.
Based on the model, the Nautilus is derived from a leather necklace or ring. For a sports watch like this, we favor the bracelet, that is superbly finished with a fine folding clasp. However, while we love the look of the bracelet, it’s one of the few points of the watch that we’d love to see improved, as it does not feel as rock-solid as that offered on the Royal Oak. The trade-off is that it is a thinner, sleeker design and one that easily slides under most shirt-cuffs. As you’d expect from Patek Philippe, the range of moves represent both an artistic and technical tour de force. The first Nautilus utilized the Calibre 28-255C motion, which was predicated on the Jaeger le-Coultre Calibre 920. These days Patek offer their own selection of movements, including the newest Calibre, the CH 28-520 C FUS shown above.The finishing is exemplary on most of movement surfaces, all which you’ll be able to enjoy through the sapphire caseback. The rotor is made from 18k solid gold and is stamped with the Patek logo.Starting using the time-only version, we’ve got the Nautilus 5713, that will be in effect a white gold edition of the famed steel 5711 but with 48 diamonds put into the bezel.You can also see over the attractiveness of the dial we covered before- that the gradient is subtle, but one which appears to give the watch another “face” depending on the lighting. And this black-blue is THE iconic Nautilus dial color, even though a number of other choices have been made over recent years. 5726. Intelligent.

Not too long ago, a gold Rolex was the quintessential status symbol for a particular segment of consumers, supplanted more recently by an Audemars Piguet or Richard Mille – symptomatic of the convergence of brands, products and consumers.

Patek Philippe has caught up in that category with its Nautilus watches, especially the Nautilus chronograph in gold with a matching bracelet. But the basic Nautilus models were not available with gold bracelets (at least not in the regular catalogue), until the Ref. 5711/1R made its debut at Baselworld 2015.

Slim, elegantly proportioned and impossible to miss on the wrist, the Ref. 5711/1R fills a niche in the Patek Philippe line-up. Its dimensions are identical to the common steel Nautilus 5711/1A, with a diameter of 40mm. And the movement inside is also the same, the calibre 324 SC automatic, the brand’s basic movement that is ordinary but attractively decorated.

The case and bracelet are rose gold, gorgeously finished rose gold. All the brushed and polished surfaces are carefully and expertly finished, with enough minuscule variations to indicate the finishing is done by hand. An example is the polished flank of the bezel that extends over the side of the case; the reflections in the metal are slightly wavy.

The polished edges of the case and bracelet are particularly admirable, as is the matte blasted finish on the inside of the slot for the case screw. Even though the case finishing is identical to that of a steel Nautilus, like the Ref. 5990 for instance, the rose gold gives it an infinitely more refined look.

Decorated with the trademark horizontal stripes of the Nautilus (a stamped guilloche), the dial is a rich brown with a tone that varies according to the light. It’s finished with a subtle radial brushing, and the brown galvanic coating darkens towards the edge of the dial.

The most obvious weakness in the watch is the buckle. With a dinky, stamped safety lock on top and a friction-fit clasp, the buckle does it job but could be better.

The Nautilus Ref. 5711/1R retails for SFr45,000 before taxes, or S$65,500 with 7% GST.  Its most obvious competitor is the Royal Oak “Jumbo”, which has the advantage of a more complex case and more sophisticated movement.

And the AP was also cheaper than the equivalent Nautilus, something justified by Patek Philippe’s traditional price premium over everyone else. However, with the recent downward price revision by Patek Philippe, the price differential between the two has closed, leaving them neck in neck.

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